Hunt’s Point Market / Bronx, New York

Cornerstone of the New York Food Industry
When Hunt’s Point Market sent out a bid for a new 1,000-footlong saw tooth loading dock and new track to provide more direct freight service, the largest produce market in the world gave J-Track a prime seat at the table.

SCOPE: Transit & Track Construction, Utility Work, Concrete Work

J-Track was asked by the NYCEDC to expedite this project in four months.

  • Excavation and disposal of 12,000 CY of contaminated soil, and replacing it with new soil
  • Installation of a 1,000-footlong saw tooth loading dock with a canopy structure
  • Installation of 2,700 TF of new track to provide freight service to the loading dock as well as rehabilitation of the existing Main Line track
  • New utilities were also installed to provide drainage, fire hydrants and domestic water, as well as power to the facility

New York Police Academy / Queens, NY

Infrastructure To Protect & Serve
When New York City decided to transform an open 36-acre police impound into a brand new police academy, J-track was one of the first subcontracts awarded. They started with underground utilities and eventually became the General Contractor, policing 10 subcontractors.

SCOPE: General Contracting, Building Work, Utility Work

$700 million dollar facility on a tight budget

  • General Contractor, managing 10 subcontractors
  • Held labor contracts for three years to supply the Engineers, Teamsters and common Laborers
  • Underground utilities – Piles, Trenching, Concrete, Excavate for Con Edison, Telcom
  • Mini Piles
  • Furnishing and installing all interior architectural metals

Superstorm Sandy Reconstruction / Rockaway, NY

Back On Track In Record Time: Commuters Applaud
When Superstorm Sandy struck, the MTA contacted J-Track to perform emergency storm repairs on the A Line in Far Rockaway and the Montague Tunnel. This led to additional work, demolishing and reconstructing 32,000 linear feet of concrete cable duct work in record time, even receiving an early completion bonus from the NYCT for this fast-paced project.

SCOPE: Transit & Track Construction, Emergency Work

  • J-Track worked directly with HDR and NYCT to develop, design and install the hardening systems and reconstruction of the rail line
  • Done during a 24/7 continuous outage
  • The success of the project was due to the close working relationship among J-Track, the design team and NYCT
  • Entire project came in under budget and completed prior to deadline
  • Demolition and reconstruction of 32,000 LF concrete cable ductwork
  • Installation of 300,000 LF cable of various sizes
  • Removal and Replacement of 24,000 feet of continuous welded rail
  • Removal and Replacement of 9,800 rail fasteners
  • Removal and Replacement of 5 special work portions
  • Installation of 8,000 LF 8” discharge pipe
  • Installation of 24,000 LF tunnel lighting
  • Installation of new signal room
  • Installation of two new circuit breaker houses

Con Ed 36” Gas Main / New York

Powering Our Cities
When Con Ed sent out the request for a new section of transmission main to replace existing transmission gas main along 20th Ave. between Shore Blvd. and 38th St. in Astoria, NY, J-Track was the natural choice. The original contract was expanded in scope due to trained experts in many specialties.

SCOPE: Utility Work

Backfilling and final restoration of approximately 4500 feet of 36” (0.562” wall thickness) steel Transmission Pressure (TP) Gas Main and associated appurtenances.

  • Excavation
  • Sheeting/shoring
  • Steel support beams
  • Steel plating/protection plating
  • Hot tar coating
  • Pipe joint taping and jeeping
  • Hydro test filling & dewatering
  • Support Con Edison crews with 36” gas line installation and joint welding

Pilot Grout Solution – Red Line / Washington, DC

Fixing Leaks In D.C
When word got out that the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA) was looking to mitigate a major water leak that others tried to fix on a main commuter line, J-Track, along with our subcontractor, quickly mobilized to Washington, D.C.

SCOPE: General Contracting, Transit & Track Construction, Emergency Work

  • Provided own hi-rail equipment to inject chemical grout and completely stop the water in miles of tunnels and caverns
  • Completed in six months, mostly during weekend and weeknight outages

Above Grade Facility Hardening / New York City

Fool Proof, Flood Proof
When the boroughs of New York City went in search of a company with expertise in flood mitigation, they rushed their project to J-Track. Getting ahead of potential drainage issues, J-Track is currently fortifying five tunnel fan plant locations as they work with the MTA.

SCOPE: Transit & Track Construction, Building Work, Concrete Work, Storm/Flood Mitigation

  • Flood mitigation/hardening measures at 5 fan plant locations in the boroughs of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens
  • Major concrete fortification of existing buildings, including selective demolition work, and construction of new foundations, including jet grouting
  • Installation of new GFRC cladding and roofing
  • Drainage improvements
  • Flood proof door and louver installation
  • Modify, relocate and replace existing utilities, conduits and pipes

Furnish & Install Stairwell Devices / New York City

What Flood? Subway Entrances Now Protected
When the MTA heard that J-Track had developed an expertise in Flood/Storm Mitigation, business came pouring in. J-Track installed a new flood protection system at 23 subway stair entrances to get ahead of eventual storms that would have shut down service.

SCOPE: Transit & Track Construction, Concrete Work, Storm/Flood Mitigation

  • Removing all the existing railing and concrete at street level
  • Installing a new flood protection system comprised of a flexible membrane cover that is unrolled and fastened in the event of a storm


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